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FAQ’s #10: Should you keep paying your full insurance premiums?

Frequently Asked Questions #10: - Your home and vehicle must be insured. This is often a condition of your financing contract. You must keep paying the full instalment for insurance and other policies, even while you are under Debt Counselling. The same applies to...

FAQ’s#9: Why should your salary be paid into a savings account?

Frequently Asked Questions #9: - To avoid “money grabbing” or “set off” by the bank. While you are under Debt Counselling, you will not be able to access any overdraft facilities. Therefore, if your salary is paid into an account with an overdraft, your salary could...

FAQ’s #8: Why should you cancel the debit orders that pay your debt?

Frequently Asked Question #8: - To avoid double payments when the PDA starts making payments on your behalf. - Also to avoid any of your credit providers deducting more than the amount allocated to them in the final proposal, and not leaving enough for the remaining...

FAQ’s #7: Can any of your accounts be excluded from Debt Counselling?

Frequently Asked Questions #7: - We can negotiate that the credit provider should require the account to be excluded from Debt Counselling.  This will happen if the consumer has received a Section 129 Notice of Letter of Demand. - If you have referred the Summons to...

FAQ’s #6: Can you pay more than the amount on the final proposal?

Frequently Asked Questions #6: - Yes. You should continually try to increase your affordability, by increasing your income, reducing your expenses and selling unnecessary assets, to pay off your debt as fast as possible. - If you receive an increase, bonus or any...

We take pride in our team!  

Each member of our team fulfils an important & unique role in the company.

Team members complete the official Debt Counselling COURSE and regular in-house training sessions are held to ensure that every process is handled thoroughly & effectively.

Team members complete the official Debt Counselling to ensure they’re fully qualified to handle all matters related to Debt Counselling.

Our team is skilled, professional and effective in fulfilling their respective roles, delivering excellent service.

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  • The experience of our management team enables us to quickly find solutions to difficult matters and to ensure that all applications are handled effectively and efficiently.
  • The combined legal experience between our legal professionals gives us an advantage when contesting matters in court – an advantage that is not found with the majority of other debt counsellors.
  • The majority of our staff members, including administrative personnel, have completed the official debt counsellors training program and are skilled and knowledgeable in the field.
  • Our Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) has a firm reputation and has been operating since 2008.
  • The software provided by our PDA is cutting-edge, easily understandable and effective in accomplishing the desired tasks.
  • We go the extra mile by offering to consult customers in the comfort of their own homes, or at their workspace.
  • We make use of either the Nu Pay system or bank stop orders in order to relieve our clients from the necessity to make cash payments each month.
We strive to maintain the highest possible ethical standards.
We maintain a policy of clear and open communication with our clientele and with credit providers.
We seek to empower previously disadvantaged individuals.
Work Ethic:
We commend hard work and cultivate an attitude of ‘going the extra mile’ for our clients.
We motivate innovation as we strive for better systems or methods to accomplish our tasks more efficiently.
Our team is disciplined and effective in fulfilling their respective roles, and dedicated to our consumers and credit providers.
We strive to reach the best possible agreement, benefiting both the creditor and the client.
We will do whatever we can, within the scope of the law, to see that an application is accepted by creditors and Court Order granted in accordance with the application.
To be the first choice for consumers who need assistance in debt related matters throughout South Africa.
To set the industry-standard through the service that we offer.
To extend our reach throughout the Free State and to the remaining provinces in South Africa, while delivering quality work and individual care.


Bloemfontein Head Office

Address: 41 Kellner Street, Westdene, Bloemfontein
Email Address: info@helpudc.co.za
Contact Number: 051 448 8462
Company Cell: 072 544 8289

Contact Person: Reception

Botshabelo Office

Address: 20 Re-A-Hola Centre, First Floor, Main Road, Botshabelo, 9781
Email Address: botshabelo@helpudc.co.za
Contact Number: 051 534 1571
Company Cell: 082 930 9361

Contact Person: Ofentse Motumi

Pretoria Office

Address: Pretoria Menlyn Maine, 1 Spaces Building, 210 Amarand Avenue, Pretoria, 0181
Email Address: agent2@helpudc.co.za
Contact Number: 012 443 6602
Company Cell: 060 910 3901

Contact Person: Elna van Schalkwyk

East London Office

Address: 2 Kew Road, Vincent, East London, 5247
Email Address: eastlondon@helpudc.co.za
Contact Number: 043 721 3439
Company Cell: 079 253 8793

Contact Person: Maureen Baka

We strive to maintain the highest possible ethical standards whilst maintaining a clear and open communication policy with our clientele and credit providers.  We also seek to empower previously disadvantaged individuals.

-The Help U Debt Counsellors Promise to Clients-