At Help U Debt Counsellors we CARE!

Have a No Debt mentality.

Be allergic to Debt. The only good excuse for making debt is to buy property. This is due to the fact that property is normally seen as a long-term investment.

Draw up a realistic monthly budget.

Remember a budget means nothing if you don’t stick with it.

Build up a reserve.

Build up a reserve equal to at least 3 months income for unforeseen crisis circumstances ex. Loss of income.

Spend your money responsibly.

Compare prices on the things you want to buy. Get the best deal for your money’s worth. This doesn’t necessary mean that you must be ‘El-cheap-o’ but rather ‘El-want-value-for-money’.

Put aside a monthly amount for savings.

Begin to look out for investment opportunities. The ideal financial situation to be in is where your money is working for you, instead of you working for money.

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