of South Africans owe about 75% of their salaries to creditors!

This often results in employees needing to acquire more debt to pay existing debt by requesting advances on their salaries, or loans from their employers to make provision for their living expenses.

Subsequently, “Garnishee” (Emoluments Attachment Orders) on salaries result in employees constantly changing from work to avoid deductions.  Employers then need to replace trained employees, which causes a delay in workflow, expertise and has an impact on their budget.



  • Employees often absent from work from not having enough money to cover transport?
  • Employees perform poorly at work due to negativity about their financial circumstances?
  • Complications in work and family relationships due to debt problems?

Debt Counselling provides the opportunity for debt relieve and provision for your employees and
their families to enjoy more financial freedom, a better quality of life and a more productive workday.

The debt is consolidated in a lower, single monthly premium.

This process brings stability in the employee’s financial situation.

It reduces the instalments of the creditors and offers the pleasure of paying one instalment monthly, into one account, for all the debt, with the added bonus of receiving statements every month to monitor.

We negotiate with creditors for an extension in the contract term.

Employees can manage their own budget.

It will also encourage your employees not to lend money in advance on their salaries.

We negotiate with creditors for a reduced interest rate, could even be 0%.

Garnishee orders can be cancelled and/or prevented.

Administration is a remedy to avoid legal action plus remove and reduce garnishee orders on payslips.

Contact us today and book your free 30-minute Debt Counselling Staff Presentation.

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These are some of the Corporate Presentations we’ve done:

Why use Help-U Debt Counsellors?

• We are registered with the NCR (National Credit Regulator).

• We were established in 2007.

• Our owner is a practicing Attorney.

• All payments are received by a PDA (Payment Distribution Agency), which is strictly audited by the NCR (National Credit Regulator), therefore the Debt Counsellor is not directly involved in receiving or distributing the employees’ payments.

• All our employees are skilled, professional and fully trained in all processes.

The easy 5-Steps that works!

Step 1:

A 30-minute presentation will be given to your employees regarding our services and the process. This can take place before opening of the business, or any other time that may suit you. 

Step 2:

Each employee gets a free credit report valued of R150.00. 

Step 3:

The report will be discussed in detail individually with each person to identify over-indebtedness.

Step 4: 

Financial advice regarding their budget will be provided to the employee by the consultant, free of charge.

Step 5:

The employee is informed of the following aspects:
• Interest rates

• Action that creditors may take on accounts that are in arrears

• Their consumer rights are explained to them

• Should the employee require our services, a full application can be done immediately


Bloemfontein Head Office 

Address: 41 Kellner Street, Westdene, Bloemfontein
Email Address: info@helpudc.co.za
Contact Number: 051 448 8462
Company Cell: 072 544 8289

Contact Person: Reception

Botshabelo Office

Address: 20 Re-A-Hola Centre, First Floor, Main Road, Botshabelo, 9781
Email Address: botshabelo@helpudc.co.za
Contact Number: 051 534 1571
Company Cell: 082 930 9361

Contact Person: Ofentse Motumi

Pretoria Office

Address: Pretoria Menlyn Maine, 1 Spaces Building, 210 Amarand Avenue, Pretoria, 0181
Email Address: agent2@helpudc.co.za
Contact Number: 012 443 6602
Company Cell: 060 910 3901

Contact Person: Elna van Schalkwyk

East London Office

Address: 2 Kew Road, Vincent, East London, 5247
Email Address: eastlondon@helpudc.co.za
Contact Number: 043 721 3439
Company Cell: 079 253 8793

Contact Person: Maureen Baka

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