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To be the first choice for consumers who need assistance in debt related matters throughout South Africa.


To extend our reach throughout the Free State and to the remaining provinces in South Africa, while delivering quality work and individual care.

Core Values

3.1 Integrity

We strive to maintain the highest possible ethical standards. We maintain a policy of clear and open communication with our clientele and with credit providers. We seek to empower previously disadvantaged individuals.

3.2 Work Ethic

We commend hard word and cultivate an attitude of ?going the extra mile? for our clients. We motivate innovation as we strive for better systems or methods to accomplish our tasks more efficiently. Our team is disciplined and effective in fulfilling their respective roles and dedicated to our consumers and the credit providers.

3.3 Commitment

We strive to reach the best possible agreement, benefitting both the creditor and the client. We will do whatever we can, within the scope of the law, to see that an application is accepted by creditors and Court Order granted in accordance with the application.


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After acquiring the business in 2012, Mrs. Driskel and her team quickly realized that debt counselling in itself was limited in the solutions that it could offer to consumers. It was therefore decided to offer the services of administration, sequestration and Business Rescue as well, thus enabling the company to provide all of the available remedies to over-indebted individuals and businesses.

The name was then changed to “Help-U Debt Counsellors and Administrators”.

Since its acquisition, the business has grown from six employees to fifteen, with new structures being established to handle new challenges. Our advertising reach has increased substantially, enabling us to open a new office in the nearby town of Botshabelo as well as in Pretoria and East London.

When the business was founded in 2007, debt review was still a relatively new concept. Since the inception of the National Credit Act, a number of the guidelines surrounding Debt Counselling have changed, as well as the systems that are in use. This had caused some problems in the past, where old matters were handled according to new regulations. One of the primary objectives of the company has been to have all the older files transferred onto a new system and to amend Court Orders where needed. This approach has enabled us to reduce the amount of queries received on the “inherited” files substantially.


a) The experience of our management team enables us to quickly find solutions to difficult matters and to ensure that all applications are handled effectively and efficiently.

b) The combined legal experience between our legal professionals gives us an advantage when contesting matters in court – an advantage that is not found with the majority of other debt counsellors.

c) The majority of our staff members, including administrative personnel, have completed the official debt counsellors training program and are skilled and knowledgeable in the field.

d) Our Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) has a firm reputation and has been operating since 2008.

e) The software provided by our PDA is cutting-edge, easily understandable and effective in accomplishing the desired tasks.

f) We go the extra mile by offering to consult customers in the comfort of their own homes, or at their workspace.

g) We make use of either the Nu Pay system or bank stop orders in order to relieve our clients from the necessity to make cash payments each month

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    Head Office Address: 41 Kellner Street, Westdene, Bloemfontein

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