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Help-U Debt Counsellors & Administrators - Services offered

The Services offered by the company have expanded greatly since 2007. While debt counselling remains at the foundation, additional services have also been added to the company’s repertoire.

Why use Help-U Debt Counsellors?.

  • We are registered with the NCR (National Credit Regulator).
    NCR No: NCRDC2076
  • We are established in 2007.
  • Our owner is a practicing Attorney.
  • All payments are received by a PDA (Payment Distribution Agency), which is strictly audited by the NCR (National Credit Regulator), therefore the Debt Counsellor is not directly involved in receiving or distributing the employees’ payments.
  • All our employees are skilled, professional and fully trained in all processes.

want help-u debt Counsellors help you get out of your financial crisis

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Debt Counselling

Our company consists of experienced debt counsellors who ensure that applications are handled are effectively with great emphasis being placed on accuracy.

Because of the sensitive nature of the industry and the fact that entire livelihoods are dependent on our work, every precaution is taken to ensure that new applications are handled accurately.

We follow a rigorously analytical procedure when submitting customer information, scrutinizing all of data to ensure that every application is as tough as possible.


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Budget assessment

A Consultant will establish if you are over – indebted by doing a free budget assessment based on your income, living expenses and current debt repayments.

Lower debt repayment

Once the assessment has concluded that you are over – indebted and all relevant documents are signed, all credit providers will be notified of the debt counselling application process. No harassment of legal action can commence by a credit provider after this stage. You are protected.


Negotiations for lower repayments and the interest rates will be done between our admin staff and credit providers. A new re-organised debt repayment plan will take place.


Our Attorneys will apply to the magistrate court for the re-organised debt repayment plan to be declared a court order that is legally binding. The Debt counsellor will be the Applicant, so you won't have to appear in Court.

Clearance Certificate

Clearance certificate will be issued to declare you no longer over indebted. Your credit profile will be cleared with the relevant credit market.

All fees that are charged are discussed upfront in consultation, no hidden fees are charged.

The fee structure is explained in detail

  • Application fee
  • Debt Counsellor’s fee
  • Legal fee
  • Monthly PDA and DC fees

You don’t need to worry about paying for our debt counselling fees, as these will be included in your re-organised Debt Repayment Plan and come out of your new lower monthly payment.

Responsibility of the consumer

  • The responsibility of the consumer to make his/her payments regularly is explained.
  • The legal ramifications of a default in payments are explained.

We make use of the services of a registered PDA (Payment Distribution Agency) to distribute payments received from consumers to creditors according to the granted Court Order.

We do not receive instalments from consumers and it is, therefore, a trustworthy process, no funds can be misused or stolen.

Once you’ve settled all of your debts, Help-U will issue you with a Clearance Certificate and apply for the debt review court order to rescinded. We will instruct the Credit Bureaus to remove the Debt Review status from your Credit Record. There you have it – DEBT FREE!?


Debt Administration

Many consumers who had legal action taken against them, especially with Emoluments Attachment Orders being deducted from their salaries, have approached our company in the past requesting assistance.

Seeing that we were unable to assist these consumers through debt counselling, it was decided that the company should expand its services to include debt administration as well.

The ability of administration orders to remove legal action has proven itself a great asset to our clients.

Our administrators are handled entirely separate from debt counselling applications and do not interfere with any of the other departments.

As with debt counselling, the process is explained in detail by the consultant:

1. Communication with creditors
a) Notification of Application for an Administration Order.

2. The legal implication of the Administration Order
a) Credit Bureau listing.
b) Deduction via and Emoluments Attachment Order.

3. Fee Structure
a) Initial fee: (for the Free State Province):
R430-00 or R860-00, depending on the number of creditors.
b) Legal fee: R850-00
c) Monthly fee: 12% of each instalment

4. Responsibility of the consumer
a) Although the consumer does not need to pay the monthly instalments over himself, he needs to inform the administration if he becomes unemployed or moves to a different employer.

5. Effect of the administration order on outstanding balances
a) Due to the vastly decreased instalments paid through administration, a consumer’s outstanding balances might increase due to interest.

want help-u debt Counsellors help you get out of your financial crisis

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Head Office Address: 41 Kellner Street, Westdene, Bloemfontein

We commend hard work and cultivate an attitude of going the extra mile for our clients. Maintaining a policy of clear and open communications with our clientele and credit providers. We ensure excellent service and solutions to all over-indebted consumers and strive to reach the best possible agreement, benefiting both the creditor and the client. An experienced management team ensuring that all applications are handled effectively and efficiently.